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NEW COOKBOOKS AND NOVEL : Emel: untuk order

For all who love baking cakes, cookies, desserts & snacks... here is a special book for you! You will never run out of ideas with my latest cookbook published by PTS. Available at bookstores or you may order online at or email me at Only RM27 for 100 recipes that will be satisfying to your sight & palate.

Tips For Making Cookies:
* If dough is a bit soft, add flour and mix to a dough.
* If dough is a bit hard, mix a small portion of dough (at a time), knead lightly with butter or margarine. When portion has been rolled out, mix another portion with butter or margarine and proceed.
* Adjust oven temperature accordingly. Some ovens only need 160C to bake cookies (recipe may suggest 175C).
* Most of my cookies recipes are not too sweet, do add more caster or icing sugar if you prefer.
* Sprinkle some granulated sugar into container before putting cookies in, the sugar will absorp any moisture.
* Cool cookies on wire racks. This will avoid condensation under cookies; which can make cookies go stale quickly.

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