My first Award, given by Jun (from S.Alam).
So sweet in pretty pink, thanks for remembering...

Awards from Mat Gebu (from Sedenak)
& Siti (from Germany)
Amazing bouquet of pastel-coloured flowers,
soothing to the eyes.
Thanks a lot for being great friends...

Final Award from Deri (from Gombak)
Love is blue, they say.
This 'card' speaks for itself.
Thank you very much, Deri!

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wah wah... tiga award gitu. cayalaaaa.

ainin naufal >>
Mcm musim Academy la pulokk rasa nyer, hehe. Layannnn...!!

erni dapat dua je award. nak wat camne, takleh nak lawan otai.. :p

cepotet >>
Ok laa tu, erni...ada org tu x dpt langsung, eikk alaa, cian kan?